From Laverne’s Instagram, not sure who the artist is? If anyone knows I would love to credit them

thank you for this blog. i love laverne and love even more that she is being celebrated in just the way she should. there's too much hate in the world and your blog is helping to change that. <3

thank you, i’m glad you like it!! just doing the lords work


i cast a spell on joan rivers after she cracked a derogatory joke about laverne’s personal business on fashion police now she’s in the hospital

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Laverne Cox, Carrie Brownstein, Taylor Schilling and Ted Sarandos at the Netflix party

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“I think whenever someone needs to call out someone else for who they are, and make fun of them, its because they don’t feel comfortable with who they are. And so if anyone ever has a problem with someone else, I ask you to look at yourself first. What is it about YOU that you have a problem with?”

~ Laverne Cox

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Wait was Laverne cox dancing to Rocket or Blow??
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She danced to EVERYTHING. Blow was when she jumped up, like the spirit took over her! 

Laverne Cox gets her LIFE when Beyoncé performs Rocket at the 2014 MTV VMAs.

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