"Janet, you know how much I love you. I look up to you as a big sister. And this book really, in my eyes, made me see myself as not just the one who went through my experience alone. Every time I would read a page in your book, it would be like a black and white scene of a movie in my head of my life, of something that you experienced that I’ve experienced in some way. It’s really hard for me to express myself to people when it comes to experiences that I had whether it be good or bad. And for you to have written a book about that is really a blessing. It’s like…this is like the ten commandments for us right now. Like literally. It speaks truth. And with truth comes freedom." - CeCe McDonald

Part of what Cece McDonald said to Janet Mock in regards to her important, exquisitely written, groundbreaking book about being a trans woman of colour, Redefining Realness: My Path to Womanhood, Identity, Love & So Much More. Quote is from The Barnard Center For Research on Women annual salon that featured several panelists.

Oh, CeCe. I love that girl.

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Why do some men call themselves transwomen and use that as another way to infiltrate women’s safe spaces and then harass us for identifying with the gender we were assigned to at birth? Is this real life? Are men still fucking up EVERYTHING???

everyone look at this transmisogynistic terf with the worst tumblr description ive ever seen in my life


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A historic #SpiritDay! Laverne Cox along with the cast of The #TWord lit the Empire State Building purple, showing support for LGBTQ youth.

Laverne’s message for Spirit Day 2014~


laverne will be on faking it tonight. 

laverne will be on faking it tonight. 

laverne will be on faking it tonight.